Chewing-over Access


An Outsider's Access
to Hong Kong

Here's one thing people know
And think they've found
An access through that thought:
Upon these streets

It's hard! And absolute
Outsiders who
Exist where freedoms drool
Upon desire ...

Insisting on the part,
They think they see
Enough to claim a home.
All grow so blind

That access is
A distance clouded star.

Chewing Over

About this state ...
A metonym as door!
To masticate...
This governmental law

Offending those
Attached to chewing gum,
This rule imposed,
To discipline the young.

They play, to find
The place that sticks and glues,
Enough to bind
Where growth is all they choose.

Today denied to all
In friendless malls

Andrew Barker has lived in Hong Kong for twenty years and has a son born of a Singaporean. He has completed over five-hundred Shakespearean sonnets and hopes to release them in full when he has reached five-hundred and one. He has published one book of poetry, and his work has appeared in several journals in Asia. He started the popular poetry website mycroftlectures which provides free poetry lectures for students, and is currently working on the third of a trilogy of novels concerning Gaia Theory.