Old made new – Farewell, Yue Man Square


how good is it for
People-Enriching Square
to have its metal huts
moved indoors
inside a caged bazaar, as it
watches alley shops
a construction site
bury its old heart

that decayed town centre called
to be renewed
rid of begging tramps
near the transport hub and youthful mall
welcomes the forty-storey Park Metroplitan
street-side eateries and hawker stalls
vanish, fall flat
a class-A resi-commerical zone
coming to birth

Phoebe K T Poon is an editor and translator by trade with a penchant for poetry, fiction and literary translation. She has a degree in English Studies and History from the University of Hong Kong, where she first learnt the craft of creative writing. Away from books and papers, she takes solace in rediscovering early music at her piano, watching waves on edges of islands and running up woody mountains.